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Designed and Created

by Caitlyn Orlick 

Artist Statement 

Artists create, and designers build. Designers often create something more tactile for use in the world, while artists create, maybe, just to create an object with personal meaning or commentary on the state of the world around us. As an artist, I create physical work, but as a designer, I create the world in which art lives. Through my practice, I am able to build and connect to the world I want to see. 

The art of creating an immersive world with contextual meaning and varying themes of the connection between mind and body is an essential part of my process. I feel most comfortable playing with abstract textile design and unconventional pattern manipulation in my work. While creating, I tend to play back and forth between 2D and 3D mediums, creating a hands-on approach to design. In my experience, the process is all about taking and building on an initial idea, destroying it, and being able to create something better. The final outcome will never look as the project started. I have to have the time to dig deep into a particular topic or idea to create a piece or collection that I am proud of.  

Aesthetically and conceptually, I strive to create sleek, sophisticated tension in my work by balancing minimal and maximal elements and infusing subtlety into layers of meaning surrounding mind and body connection themes. I want someone to be able to look at my work and feel as if they have entered another world.

 Art has a way of being therapeutic by being able to question the world around us in an attempt of self-discovery. What is our human relation between mind and body? Where do they separate and interact? I find purpose within my work by questioning and exploring the world through my perception and others to better understand the world around us. 

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